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1986 Honda Crx Mpg !!LINK!!

For 1986, Honda updated the CRX with new aerodynamic headlights. The Si received body color matched lower cladding, a revised rear spoiler, new bumper covers and 14-inch alloy wheels. The interior was upgraded and added a center console with cassette tape storage. 1987 was virtually unchanged from 1986 and would be the final year of the first-generation CRX.

1986 honda crx mpg

For 1986, Honda turned the heat up again. The CRX 1.6 Si boasted a 1590cc, 4-valve, fuel-injected twin-cam delivering 125 bhp at 6500 rpm. The 0-60 time dropped to 8 seconds and top speed rose to 122. Flush-mounted headlights improved the frontal aspect and the air dam was smoother. The rear spoiler was also streamlined. Four-hole alloy wheels were larger, with 185/60/14 tires. Prices rose slightly with the base CRX MSRP now $6729, but the much improved 1.6 Si cost only $280 more than the previous year at a bargain $8279.

As far as fuel economy is concerned Honda developed a reputation in their early days for low cost driving while giving their owners a little more comfort than expected from an inexpensive car. In 1986, it was hard to beat the economy of a Honda CRX HF and a time-capsule example is up for auction here on eBay in Hurricane, West Virginia for an opening bid of $6,000.00 or BIN at $6,999.00

At this point (1986) the mighty VW was throwing down 54 Horsepower. I had the a '78 and even that 48 HP was fast enough and could pull a dead Mother Jugs and Speed Ambulance at 40 MPH back from Ft. Lauderdale to the Navy Training Center in Orlando. Good Times, Good Times.

A few notable changes occurred for 1986, those being flush-style headlights for all trim levels, and for the Si, a new rear spoiler, a monochromatic color scheme and 14-inch wheels and tires (versus the previous 13s). The last year of the first generation, 1987, saw no changes of note.

The top-mileage Sprint ER, which tested at 60 miles per gallon in highway driving, will not be on the market until January. It unseated the Honda Civic Coupe HF as the most gas-efficient car in America, bettering the Civic's 1985 rating of 49 mpg in city driving and 54 mpg on the highway and its 1986 rating of 52 mpg in the city and 57 mpg on highways.

In 1986 the Civic Coupe HF was the compact economy car to own. Practical, fun to drive, and hit 42 mpg around town before swinging for the fences and getting 51 mpg on the highway. All that came ten years before the idea of an electric hybrid was a glint in anyone's eye. 041b061a72


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