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I have had many many names in my lifetime.   I'm a sturdy Butterfly.  I'm not fragile and I am prone to transformation.   Find my complete bio here. 

My mother called me Nettie.  My last names have changed often for strange reasons that really don't matter now, it was just a reflection of the impermanence of life and what was happening in our lives. 

Danette Dacey was what they called me when I was in trouble.   My mom once said "I always thought you'd go by some cool hippy name like D.D."  I think I was about 10 and that sounded funny to me.  I remember saying "But you only call me Nettie". 

Once, in my twenties, I was in the coffee shop and they asked my name.  In that noisy space they always got it wrong so I told her "Dee".  She stopped because I had told her something different the day before, and she looked at me over her cup, marker poised "Just D?"   I said  "Yes, Just D"  My companion was flabbergasted by this and claimed not to know me.  It was a funny moment and we laughed about it for years.  

 As I recently married Mr. Rockwell, after using just "Danette Dacey" I wasn't ready to let go of my middle name which now stood my powerful, adult version of Me. I couldn't decide what to do.  I changed my name in facebook to DD Rockwell and my long term friends couldn't figure out what to call me.   I would watch them figure it out in person and say "Ohhhh YOU're DD Rockwell!"  


DeDe Rockwell sounds like some character in a French movie to me, she is graceful and dependable, strong, tenacious and constant.   I think perhaps this is my best version of me this DD Rockwell person is the strong, courageous, generous and capable person who has it all under control and always chooses the best next step. 

Danette Dacey Rockwell

D.D. Rockwell

DeDe Rockwell

Dee Dee Rockwell

Dee Dee & The Shakers



Names are so important because they are closely tied to our identities.  Sometimes it's a good idea to try on a new identity for a while and it never hurts to change your game.   It's very confusing though and people really don't love change do they? 


I will answer to any of these names, I am all of them and more.  I will  call you the name that you prefer in return.  ......... Just don't call me "Late for Dinner" :-)


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