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Past. Present. Future.

A passion for sharing music and creating community are the driving force behind her life.   She loves to teach and experience the magic of creating harmonic sound with others.  She is a recent college graduate, receiving numerous scholarships from Red Rocks Community College, and achieving Certificates in Real Estate Business, Early Childhood Education and Yoga Teacher Training. 

Early childhood experiences of musical immersion within her family have ingrained a deep love for singing. Nothing can describe the feeling of being out in the woods under a starry sky near Walden, CO  singing loud songs at the moon around the campfire.  Raised in old fashioned ways by new thinking people has resulted in her unique view and interpretation of life.  Born in Texas under an auspicious moon, Danette continues to strive for excellence, liberty and harmony in all that she does.  She is quintessentially Colorado, being at least 6th generation native. She is grateful for the encouragement to walk freely through the forest and interpret the earth through her dirty toes.  


It is this love of the outdoors and her experience in Property & Casualty Insurance and Construction management which led her to a calling in the Real Estate profession.   Danette believes in her work with families as the most transformative thing that she can do to help create a better world for everyone.   Our future depends on the evolution of our youngest humans and this is the reason that Danette continues to work with children.  She carries this passion through to her support of families who are working to create stability through home ownership by creating a seamless, full service process with a team of professionals at Berkshire Hathaway Innovative Real Estate and the Colorado Roots Home Team!

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