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Wow! This dedicated Family just completed Multi-Generational Real Estate "Hat Trick" in 2022!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

We sold two houses and bought the replacement Home in one fell swoop, closing all three properties within 10 days! It took months of planning, lots of sweat equity, and a large dose of faith, to craft a situation that would eventually fall into place perfectly!

When I first met with the family in July 2022, it was during an oppressive heatwave. The sidewalks of Denver were sizzling hot this Summer and we nearly melted at the thought of this huge task! My client was referred to me and explained that they had determined that moving Grandma to live with her Grandson and Great-Grandson would be ideal. This would allow the family to provide support and care for each person without the burden of long commutes. We began this formidable journey together with high hopes amidst a wildly shifting Denver Real Estate market.

The "Problem":

After more than 63 years in her home, recently losing her lifelong partner and patriarch of the family, Grandma was having a tough time keeping up and spent a great deal of time alone. Life without Grandpa was not the same, he had handled everything with regard to the Home. The large corner lot and charming 1946 cottage were too much to manage for one person. The family was currently stretched between 3 different zip codes and these neighborhoods were quite a distance apart, making it difficult to check in or provide assistance to each other on a whim.

My Client, her Grandson, was working long hours with a commute, and the demands of meal preparation, cleaning, and yard work, were a balancing act to manage to make it a tough haul each month.

The current homes would not accommodate a merge of households comfortably.

Creative Solution:

They decided to sell two houses and buy one replacement Home.

The Journey can be turbulent:

With interest rates rising drastically, 2 points in 10 days, doubling from 3% to 6% in a matter of months, and the rapidly changing environment, the outlook was uncertain. Was Real Estate in Denver going to plummet? Did our Seller completely miss the market? Would the Buyer pool sustain any appetite for Homes with median prices soaring over $650k if we don't have these historically low-interest rates? Meanwhile, there was work to be done and so the family dug in with heroic amounts of perseverance and dedication.

Grandma's home was thoughtfully updated to ensure that another family would be able to step in with a mortgage if needed. This was the best way to ensure that they wouldn't sell the family home to an investor who would simply scrape it and put up high-priced duplexes on the E-TU-B zoned lot.

Surprise Benefits:

In the end, we searched our options and an ideal connection came up. With some lightning-quick maneuvers, we were able to have these Buyers qualified and in the home within 21 days, answering their prayers as they were ending a lease with time to spare. At the closing table, one of my Clients would later exclaim "We didn't even know we would be buying a house a few weeks ago!"

Home Sweet Home and Happy Endings:

Everyone will be better supported and have a higher quality of life. It was a great way to create more comfort and security for everyone. I love a Happy Ending and appreciate the precision of a Miracle! The reality is that these things can happen very quickly and with less fuss than most people think! Just ask me how you can buy a house with only $1,000 down. We are closing these types of transactions regularly in this Season after a shifted market. Average Seller concessions are pushing toward $10,000k, which translates to a Win for Buyers and Sellers alike!

I am so grateful when my friends and family remember that I am here in Service, happy to assist you and those who you know with all of their real estate needs! Check out my Complete Real Estate and Lifestyle Planning Guide here with no obligation!

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