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Derby Day Pig Roast THANK YOU!

We had a fantastic day in May on 5th Street! Thank you to all who came and supported us during the process of building as well as the event.

It was a whirlwind day that started 36 hours before with Orlando picking up the hog from a farm in Lafayette! The guys were up all night feeding coals into his handbuilt roasting pit! Many attended and contributed. We went through over 200 plates although no official count was recorded, it was a blast!

Live music was provided by local favorites, Dorado, Ron McCarthy & Friends, with a cameo by DD&TheShakers!

We are so fortunate to have great neighbors who are tons of fun and willing to collaborate! Hold the date for the first weekend in May next year as O wants to make it an annual affair! Email me today to be added to our 2024 guest list.

Got some great photos? Feel free to send them to me and I will add them to the slides. We are so grateful to Susanna Thompson, Holly Strebel, and other friends who posted these.