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Old Fashioned Immunity

We have all heard the sage advice to eat Chicken Soup when you are sick. In the midst of this serious health crisis, it is important to educate ourselves about the power of nutrition and the link it has to our bodies natural ability to regenerate and heal. My basic recipe for stock is below for your own modifications. You can put anything in the soup to jazz it up, but start with the stock. I often pour it over rice and leftover veggies for a quick hot and nutritious lunch.

You are what you eat...this makes perfect sense.

The building blocks that our body has available to use is made up what you put into your mouth. Mindless eating and a disconnect from our own food sources have caused us to move away from home cooked meals. Some children think that eggs come from the store and have no clue that there is a chicken involved at all! We were so busy rushing through our very convenient days, grabbing meals to go and eating take out most often, that some have lost touch with the very thing that is our most precious resource, our own health.

Food is overly expensive and overly processed if you don't learn how to cook.

We must get back to some basic understanding and take the time to create our own medicine, through our stomach and small intestine, the key is high absorption of nutrients needed to repair and maintain homeostasis and equilibrium in our body system. The reason amazing food is expensive in restaurants is because cooking is an art that we must support, just like music and material works, we vote with our pocketbooks and hope that the chef will take his culinary innovations to the next level. The basics however, must be understood and appreciated, in order to keep us in balance and thriving, so that we can show up again and again in the world and create strong cycles of support in our communities, attending concerts, gathering with friends, dining out at amazing places, all of this can be possible only after the foundation is built. Just like a house that you know will stand for the next 100 years, we must start by building that strong foundation.

A small investment with lasting impacts.

Beans and Rice, Roasts, Chili's and Stews are the old fashioned way to make plenty to eat on a budget. For about $20, you can feed a group and then create the most nutritious home remedy available. Chicken Soup is the easiest and most nutritious choice when nursing someone to health and scientifically proven to support the immune system, as reported in the NY Times (Parker Poke 2017) (see links below for resources) .

Here are a few documented effects of chicken soup on the body:

  • The cilia in the membranes of the nose and lungs are strengthened and improved, allowing for more effective removal of mucous and dirt.

  • Inhibits the response of the white blood cells, preventing the inflammatory swarm of pustulent productions that they create to flush out the invasion of the infection, which results in a reduction of upper respiratory symptoms.

  • Garlic, Onion, and Ginger have natural antioxidant and anti-viral qualities, helping the body to resist attachment of a virus, thereby eliminating the uncomfortable endeavor of a cold or flu altogether. (UCLA , 2014)

  • The chicken itself is a great source of B Vitamins, Protein, Aminoacids & Minerals which are easily absorbed in this form, and readily available for your body to use to regain strength. Aminoacids are the building structures of antibodies, immunoglobulun, which neutralize bacteria and virus. (Stack, 2015)

  • Chicken is also full of tryptophan , which helps boost seratonin and makes you feel much better and restful.

  • The veggies are full of Vitamin C and K and other antioxidants and minerals helping you heal and bounce back quickly, or build a strong enough system to avoid the illness.. (Medical Express, 2018)

  • The steam even helps to moisturize the nasal passages, not to mention the placebo enhancement just knowing that someone loves you enough to make you home made soup.

Remember that the majority of folks may get sick but most will also get well and it is up to us to support those who need assistance. Stay Strong and together we will Thrive. ’m making lots of chicken soup and selling houses if anyone needs help. See recipe below.

Do not be afraid as that will not help you to Heal. You are not alone and Help is a phone call away ❤️#stayHome #LetsGetYouHome #GoldenRocks #WashYourHands4Real #DoNotPanic #LoveWithYourWholeHeart #Live #OldFashionedRemedies

Links to additional resources:


DD's Fav Chicken Stock made with Buttermilk Roasted Whole Chicken

  • 1 whole chicken (I prefer organic and hormone free, read the package) Costco sells 2 whole organic chickens for about $13

  • Buttermilk

  • Carrots

  • Celery

  • Onion

  • Garlic

  • Ginger

  • Herbs

Day 1

The first day the only thing I do is thaw the chicken and give him a good scrubbing in the sink, including all interior cavities and crevices. Then soak for a looooong bath in Buttermilk. If you have regular milk, just add a few squeezes of lemon and it will curdle into tangy buttermilk. Thaw in refrigerator, in a large bowl or pot, completely covered in the buttermilk overnight.

Day 2

When you're ready to cook him, pull him out of the buttermilk and just let him hang out on the colander while you prep the roasting pan and chop some root vegetables.

to be continued....

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