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Rock Your Heart Out!

Holy Smokes!! Golden is rockin' out this weekend with Virtuosity Dance Theater's Rock Your Heart Out. Get your tickets here today or email us at and we will place at will call for you!

Our Shakers original song, written by DeDe Rockwell will be featured by Ascential Dance Theater Company's community piece on Saturday Night. The grand finale will be the famous In-a-godda-da-vida by Iron Butterfly, featuring the best drum solo ever (according to Scott).

Join Danette Dacey Rockwell and Daniel Pouse with Barbara Javors, directed by Jen Archer at 6:00pm on Saturday Night.

The song, Falling Into Place, was written in the Spring of 2018, and came into form as a challenge to really "get out of your own way" and express the true self. Be True to your heart. Follow Your heart. How do we know when we are fooling ourselves? Why blame others for the results in your own life? All questions asked and demanded within the lyrics. The answer is to bloom where you are, and to stand in your own power like the fiercest dandelion on the block. Just be authentic, honest, vulnerable and courageous!

The truth is that the song just landed in my head, like an internal overdub, heard only in my brain, over another groovy rhythm that I couldn't quite hear in the noisy pub. My friend said, "I just feel like everything is just Falling Into Place for me this decade" and then I heard the riff loud and clear. I couldn't get it out of my head and so I went home to the Yamaha and recorded it on keys. The lyrics came spilling out as soon as the key was mapped. A reflection of where I have been and a declaration for how to push forward, through the self made distractions that life can become. It is a culmination of work done these past four years.

Thank you for the friends & family who helped me to capture these moments and cheered me on. Thank you to my husband, Orlando, for telling me to sing louder and stronger and for helping me to hear my own songs. Thank you to Ascential Dance Theater Company for inviting me to sing, play & dance! Thank you to Virtuosity Dance Centre for creating such a safe and encouraging space for our community. Thank you to my own Mom who always told me to Follow My Heart! Thank you to my daughter, Olivia who taught me how to mend broken hearts at age 6!

Falling Into Place


I don't know why I treat me like you do

You told me that you could but then you never ever would

You know you want me but you never never try

It's like you only ever wanna see me cry

It's not gonna be a little tight

More like a stick of dynamite

Then you'll settle into brand new places

And you're only playin' aces


I don't know why I like me like I do

Oh I'm broken down in slices like a piece of wood

I don't know why I love you like I do

Oh you're driving me in circles don't know what to do

You can say that I told you so

You might be wondering just how I know

I wanna move on like a big fat stone

cuz I know you will come with me to another 'nother Home

Instrumental Solo


Like a Roller Disco you just can't go Home

I'm stronger than you think and NO I won't take NO

I'm strong for the right to stand in this place

But I know you will come with me to another 'nother Face

I'm pushing up and out no you won't stop me

Free from that prison of becoming

And now you watch me and you never sleep

no you never never sleep no

Instrumental Solo


Forgetting now that you fell before

Falling into places oh you Know

and when you do oh

You're never gonna lose

(Full Stop)


You think it's all about another You

Well you're wearing all the hats and you know we're through

(back in Full)

You're knockin' down the door just to get to the core

and you're falling into place because you want it want it more

Push and pull to see what it wants to be

Free From that Prison of Becoming

And Now you watch me and you never never sleep

No you never never never never sleep no more

No No you never sleep

My daughter Olivia started drawing these hearts in all of my notebooks and on every scrap of paper when she was a girl, actually hers had an arrow through it to stitch together the broken hearts. I asked her why she was drawing them everywhere and she told me that she learned how to "Fix broken hearts". "See!" she said, "I just hold them together with the arrow". In that moment, it touched my heart so deeply, that she really believed this would fix my shattered heart. Later I painted hundreds of these images, giving many away as gifts, selling others as fundraisers for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Slow Pokes team. Our hearts do mend stronger, but the best medicine is to avoid the wounding altogether by knowing that all is working out for the best and aiming your sights even higher. Your heart is a gift to the world, it's best to let it shine for the sake of all!

So Come As You Are and Rock Out!!

Khalil Gibran's poem about how Children are Life's longing for itself and the arrows that we send out beyond ourselves for the Love of Evolution, reminds me that the best medicine is to challenge others to soar with you!

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