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Peaches Baby!

I have loved Colorado Peaches since I first visited Palisade on the Western Slope in the 90's. The Grandma's taught me how to "do up some peaches" by flash boiling them, dunking in icy water and peeling them fresh. In this way, the skin pops right off, allowing for a quick slice. You can freeze them and use them all year!

My favorite treat is a Lovely Peach Daquiri....check out this simple recipe from the food blogger "Small Town Woman"

Amazing Peach Daquiri
Photo courtesy of Small Town Woman

Typically, I buy at least two boxes a year from the Golden Rotary club they bring them over on a refrigerated truck, straight from the orchards! The next best thing to picking them ripe off the tree.

You can share them with your friends and neighbors, bring them to every event, add peach compotes to all your meals or just freeze them for yumminess any season. Here are 42 recipes from Delish! mmmmm Peach everything <3

Pickup will be on Saturday August 20th this year at Golden High School.

Proceeds from the Rotary Club's annual Peach Sale benefit many local programs.

One more note....

If you haven't been to the Palisade Peach Festival, it's worth a trip over the hill to experience all of the small town charm at Riverbend Park. This year it's August 11-13th.

Fun fact: I lived in Grand Junction for 13 years and bought my first house there for $110,000! Those were the days! I spent those years adventuring and working constantly. My experiences at St. Mary's Hospital, DMT Catering, The Main Paige and the March of Dimes have shaped me forever. I got married, had my children and dug deep into my Community while living there. I miss the Western Slope but Golden is a great substitute!

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