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Help for Housing! I'm thrilled to share the Colorado Homeownership Coalition is here to help.

We work night and day, in the Real Estate industry, to help our clients find their Dream Home. What happens though after the dust settles if there is an emergency? These Homeowners don't have to face the issue alone. The Colorado Homeownership Coalition has programs in place to support with free counseling, grants and other financial support. More info on their website here.

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Life can sometimes prove unsteady. Unforeseen medical bills, work layoffs and other catastrophic events can disrupt everyday living. When these things happen, a family should not have to worry about the roof over their head. This is why we created the Colorado Homeownership Coalition.

Our non-profit provides mortgage assistance to homeowners experiencing a temporary disruption in income to avoid delinquent mortgage payments and ultimately resume self-sufficiency. The Colorado Homeownership Coalition is a financial lifeline for individuals and families that need a helping hand.

After attending a recent event in which several of the grant recipients shared their stories, I was deeply touched, moved to tears at the terror the single mother was experiencing at the prospect of a very high HOA Assessment. The way a person feels when they have a safe and stable home is peaceful and confident. When this is threatened fear and dismay set in, making it impossible to concentrate. Some people may freeze or want to just throw in the towel. This program can help those homeowners to overcome the darkness of hardship and get themselves back on course. Let me know if you have questions or know someone who needs a little support!

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