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Are you a second or third generation Denverite? We may have *Free* money for you to buy a house!

Metro DPA is giving away $15,000 or $20,000 to someone just like you! We've all heard the adage "there's no such thing as a Free Lunch" but that's actually not true! Sometimes we give things away in exchange for your time or just because you deserve some recognition! Ever been to an awards luncheon? Well in this case, support in the way of free monies are being offered for unjust practices which were accepted and commonplace in the Denver metro area just a generation ago. If your family lived in central Denver from 1938-2000 you might be eligible.

The City of Denver has a brand new Social Equity program to set things right after decades of unfair lending practices. See below for more information about this program. The interactive maps are based on the sheets that were used to "avoid" funding or serving in various Denver neighborhoods. *CLICK HERE* Notice anything about the Highway corridors? Were you in one of these areas from 1938-2000? You may qualify as well as any of your family members who lived there with you. Doesn't need to be your first home either! Some of the other programs available are only for First time Buyers.

Call me today for more information! 970-261-8402

Neighborhoods were strategically avoided by in order to ensure that long term planning goals or discriminations would be in force. "When we know better, we can do better" was what Maya Angelou said. Here is a great example of this sentiment in action!

Some of these areas were settled in the mid late 1800's and 150 years later, were not in convenient locations for those in power. They were powerful enough to limit available money, support and the betterment of community in those areas that were not "convenient" or "desirable". If you lived in those areas, or your families (parents, grandparents, great grandparents) chances are, you would not have been able to buy a house using a loan simply based on your address. This is not a legal lending practice today and I am happy to know that there is retribution being offered.

The loan program is brand new, being launched in April 2022 and there is a large sum available to those who qualify.

970-261-8402 for more information about how you can take advantage of the program. Must be a new purchase, upgrade or downsized, in any metro community to use these funds.

Love this quote! You can't "unring" a bell, once you know, then you know. Willful Ignorance is not acceptable. Let's get out there are do better today! 970-261-8402 You can really buy a house today for only $1000 down, and with this program you might not even need that much!


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