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Seasons change and #GoldenRocks

As I launch into Spring 2019, I am struck by the incredible changes that are coming about both outside and within. The daffodils burst forth and the tulips are right behind, with the promise of more to come.

As I step fully into this season of my life, with the children as independent as ever, I am feeling more satisfied and capable than I ever thought possible.

This Friday join me as I launch into my community, better equipped and ready to make a difference. I'm hosting a celebratory breakfast at the Old Capital Grill at 9am on Friday April 19th. It's a birthday celebration, graduation party and a catapult into the next phase for me! RSVP today to

April 2020 Update....

It's amazing to me that it has been a full year since this lovely celebration! We are rockin' now. Who could have predicted that we would be on home-cation for weeks at a time in 2020. I'm happy for a season to go within and hide out under the fresh blanket of snow. So many things are being revealed and accelarated. What's your latest epiphany. Has anyone else found stillness and silence? Are you experiencing Smooth Waters or a Whitewater Battle in your life? Let me know how I can help. I am touched by the new things that are blooming in our communities to support those in need. #AskingforHelpisEssential No one can assist you if you don't claim the desire and state your needs. #UseOurWords for Good in the World.

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