RockN MidWinter @ Genarro's Lounge ~ gettin' busy while we wait for Spring!

We are looking forward to tomorrow at classic Genarro's! Come on down and rock out with us! RSVP HERE

This week's Dee Dee & The Shakers show features Danette Dacey on vocals/guitar with Jon Murphy on bass and Daniel and Kyle Pouse from Certain Daze. Check out the lineup below...

Jon Murphy:

Jon Murphy is a singer/songwriter, bassist, and ukuleleist. He recorded a solo folk album and three CDs with the bluegrass trio Grandpa’s Cough Medicine. Jon spent much of 2017 and 2018 on tour with The Grass Is Dead, a Grateful Dead tribute combining bluegrass and rock. He has relocated to Colorado and is excited to collaborate on inspiring rock/bluegrass/country/Americana projects. You could say he’s a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, but it’s probably just best if you don’t!

Certain Daze : Follow us into a Certain Daze...psychedelic classic rock blend that transcends generations and genres. Their unique sound immerses fans from all walks of life. Chicago born brothers, Daniel & Kyle Pouse moved here recently and are rockin' out in style! Don't miss their Denver debut this month, February 27th @ Larimer Lounge.

Gennaro's Lounge:

This place is a neighborhood favorite and has been around for more than 60 years! Their Italian soups are super yummy and their calzones are perfectly done! With strong drinks and old fashioned prices you can't miss this gem in Denver! Located in the popular South Broadway (SoBo) district, just down the street from the Gothic!

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