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Scott Joplin Movie 1977 36

Scott Joplin: The Movie That Celebrated the King of Ragtime

Scott Joplin was one of the most influential and innovative composers of ragtime music, a genre that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a fusion of African-American musical traditions and European classical forms. Joplin's music, such as his famous Maple Leaf Rag, captured the spirit and energy of the era, and influenced many other musicians, including jazz legends like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.

In 1977, a biographical film based on Joplin's life was released, starring Billy Dee Williams as the composer, Clifton Davis as his friend and patron John Stark, and Margaret Avery as his wife, Freddie. The film, directed by Jeremy Kagan and written by Christopher Knopf, won an award from the Writers Guild of America in 1979. It was originally intended for TV, but was given a theatrical release instead after Universal Pictures executives thought it had box-office potential.

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The film chronicles Joplin's rise to fame, his struggles with racism and syphilis, his obsession with composing an opera, and his eventual decline and death. It features many of his compositions, arranged by Dick Hyman, and performed by Eubie Blake, who was a contemporary of Joplin and a ragtime pioneer himself. The film also depicts some of the historical events and figures that influenced Joplin's career, such as the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, where he first heard ragtime music; Tom Turpin, who owned a saloon and a music publishing company in St. Louis; and Scott Hayden, who co-wrote some of Joplin's rags.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised Williams' performance and the musical score, while others criticized the film's episodic structure, low production values, and depressing tone. Some also felt that the film did not do justice to Joplin's musical genius and legacy. However, the film has also been recognized as one of the few cinematic portrayals of an African-American classical composer, and as a tribute to the ragtime era.

If you are interested in learning more about Scott Joplin and his music, you can watch the film online, or read more about his biography . You can also listen to some of his rags on YouTube or Spotify, or try playing them yourself on the piano. You will surely be amazed by his talent and creativity. Here is the continuation of the article I wrote for the keyword "Scott Joplin Movie 1977 36": Scott Joplin: The Opera That Never Was

One of the most fascinating and tragic aspects of Joplin's life was his ambition to create an opera that would showcase the beauty and complexity of ragtime music. He spent years working on his magnum opus, Treemonisha, a story about a young black woman who leads her community out of ignorance and superstition. He wrote the libretto, the music, and even designed the costumes and sets. He hoped that his opera would be performed at Carnegie Hall, and that it would earn him recognition and respect as a serious composer.

However, Joplin faced many obstacles and disappointments in his quest to realize his dream. He could not find a publisher or a producer who would support his project. He had to self-publish the piano-vocal score of Treemonisha in 1911, but he could not afford to print the full orchestral score. He tried to stage a concert version of the opera in Harlem in 1915, but it was poorly attended and received. He also suffered from the effects of syphilis, which impaired his mental and physical health. He became increasingly paranoid and depressed, and was eventually admitted to a mental hospital in 1917, where he died later that year.

Joplin's opera remained largely forgotten until the 1970s, when a revival of interest in ragtime music led to its rediscovery and appreciation. In 1972, the Houston Grand Opera staged the first full production of Treemonisha, with a new orchestration by Gunther Schuller. The opera received critical acclaim and won a Pulitzer Prize for Joplin posthumously in 1976. Since then, Treemonisha has been performed by various opera companies around the world, and has been recognized as a masterpiece of American musical theater.

If you want to listen to Treemonisha, you can find recordings of it on YouTube or Spotify. You can also read more about its history and significance . You will surely be impressed by Joplin's vision and creativity. Here is the continuation of the article I wrote for the keyword "Scott Joplin Movie 1977 36": Scott Joplin: The Legacy That Lives On

Scott Joplin's music and life have inspired many artists and audiences over the years. His rags have been recorded by countless musicians, from classical pianists to jazz bands. His opera has been adapted into a ballet, a musical, and a comic book. His story has been told in books, documentaries, and films. He has been honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, a postage stamp, and a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame. He has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Scott Joplin's music and life have also influenced many social and cultural movements. His music was a symbol of black pride and empowerment during the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement. His music was also a catalyst for the revival of ragtime music in the 1970s, which sparked a renewed interest in American musical history and diversity. His music was also a source of inspiration for the development of new musical genres, such as stride piano, novelty piano, boogie-woogie, swing, bebop, and rock and roll.

Scott Joplin's music and life have shown us the power and beauty of ragtime music, and the resilience and creativity of the human spirit. He was a pioneer, a visionary, and a genius. He was the King of Ragtime. I have finished writing the article for the keyword "Scott Joplin Movie 1977 36". Here is the conclusion of the article: Scott Joplin: The Movie That You Should Watch

If you are a fan of Scott Joplin's music, or if you are curious about his life and times, you should watch the 1977 movie that celebrates his legacy. The movie is not perfect, but it is a sincere and heartfelt tribute to the King of Ragtime. It features a great performance by Billy Dee Williams, who captures Joplin's charisma and passion. It also features a wonderful musical score, which showcases Joplin's rags and opera. The movie will make you laugh, cry, and dance along with Joplin's music.

You can watch the movie online, or you can buy or rent it on DVD or Blu-ray. You can also read more about the movie's production and reception . You will surely enjoy this movie, and you will learn more about Scott Joplin and his music. I have already finished writing the article for the keyword "Scott Joplin Movie 1977 36". There is nothing more to write. If you want to read the article again, you can scroll up and see it. If you want to ask me something else, you can do so. I am here to help. ?


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