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[S2E6] What's Free

Tariq's epic fall from grace was short-lived, though he's not a free man yet. But getting out on bail is a step in the right direction, and it's only beneficial for him and his case for him to be able to make money.

[S2E6] What's Free

Tasha was that one person that Tariq was free to be himself with, but Tariq has been on his own with her being gone. Ghost's letter and probably just that stark realization that he needed people by his side that he trusts prompted his reunion with Effie.

The real Sir Robert Peel was indeed a supporter of free trade and actively reformed the manufacturing industry during his time in office. Although he succeeded in repealing the Corn Laws in 1846, his resulting unpopularity within his own party forced him to resign shortly after.

Thus, begins the start of him turning it around. While he still takes on his normal jobs, he cleans the city, helps with various things, gives advice, free seminars and really does a one-eighty. His popularity skyrockets, which ultimately leads him to a TV deal. 041b061a72


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