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VSU Degradation

He also visited the Lake Danao Natural Park to get a snapshot of land degradation in Leyte. Dr Ian Navarrete, a VSU alumnus, now a faculty member of the Department of Environmental Science of the Ateneo de Manila University, accompanied Dr. Lopez to VSU.

VSU Degradation

There are a variety of human activities that contribute to species becoming threatened, including habitat destruction, fragmentation, and degradation, pollution, introduction of non-native species, disease, climate change, and over-exploitation. In many cases, multiple causes act in concert to threaten populations. Though the causes underlying population declines are numerous, some traits serve as predictors of whether species are likely to be more vulnerable to the causes listed. For example, many species that have become endangered exhibit large body size, specialized diet and/or habitat requirements, small population size, low reproductive output, limited geographic distribution, and great economic value (McKinney 1997). 041b061a72


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