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Karen Timofeev
Karen Timofeev

Celtx 2012 2.9.7 _HOT_

Thanks for the replies. I will contact the Celtx people and see what they say. So far I've just assumed it was OK given the previous work done by Jacob Koehler at Basically I just did what he did by using the FirefoxPortable launcher however I tried to change all Firefox references and icons to make it appear more professional. If you've used Jacob's version you'll know what I mean. The reason I did this was because Jacob hasn't updated his project since version 0.966 and I wanted the latest version portable for my own use and thought others would find it useful. If the reason Jacob stopped working on his version is because of licensing issues...then I guess I'm about to find out myself! I'll update this post once I know.

Celtx 2012 2.9.7

Download Zip:

didn't check if the registry remains clean, but it does seem to work well on my XP SP3 system. Is there any chance to "localize" it? Is it sufficient to overwrite the files in portableapps/celtxportable/app/celtx with the files provided by a localized version? I mean - that would be just a workaround (and a little bit fastidious) but still really useful. 041b061a72


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