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Raised to be Hero Movie Hindi Free Download: A Powerful and Eye-Opening Film That You Should Not Miss

Raised to be Hero Movie Hindi Free Download: How to Watch This Inspiring Documentary Online

Do you want to watch a documentary that will challenge your views, touch your emotions, and inspire you to take action? If yes, then you should watch Raised to be Hero, a film that tells the story of Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories for moral reasons. In this article, we will tell you what this movie is about, why you should watch it, and how you can download it for free in Hindi.

Raised to be Hero movie hindi free download

What is Raised to be Hero Movie About?

Raised to be Hero is a documentary film directed by Jack Silberman and released in 2006. It examines the lives and motivations of Israeli 'refuseniks', draftees and IDF combat soldiers and pilots who refuse -- for reasons of conscience -- to serve in the Occupied Territories. Why do they choose to go to prison and suffer condemnation from family, friends, and their society rather than fight?

The Story of Israeli Refuseniks

The film features interviews with several refuseniks, who share their personal stories and experiences. Some of them are veterans who served in the army for years, but decided to stop after witnessing or participating in acts of violence and oppression against the Palestinians. Some of them are young students who refused to enlist in the first place, because they believe that Israel's actions in the territories are wrong. Some of them are pilots who signed a letter declaring that they will not take part in aerial attacks that endanger civilian lives.

The film also follows the case of Matan Kaminer, one of five high school seniors who together refused to join the army and were sentenced to prison. Kaminer reflects on his controversial decision and the consequences he faces.

The Challenges and Consequences They Face

The film shows the difficulties and dilemmas that the refuseniks have to deal with. They have to cope with the pressure and criticism from their families, friends, peers, and society at large. They have to endure the harsh conditions and isolation of prison. They have to face the legal system and the military authorities that try to punish them or persuade them to change their minds.

The film also reveals the emotional toll that their choice takes on them. They have to deal with feelings of guilt, doubt, anger, fear, and loneliness. They have to question their loyalty, patriotism, identity, and morality. They have to struggle with their conscience and their sense of duty.

The Message of Peace and Responsibility They Deliver

The film also highlights the positive aspects and outcomes of their choice. It shows how they inspire others to join their cause or support their struggle. It shows how they create a dialogue and a debate about peace, democracy, and human rights. It shows how they challenge the status quo and the dominant narrative of the conflict.

The film also conveys their message and vision for a better future. They express their love for their country and their desire for its security. They also express their empathy for the Palestinians and their recognition of their rights. They advocate for a nonviolent solution and an end to the occupation. They call for personal responsibility and moral courage.

Why Should You Watch Raised to be Hero Movie?

You may be wondering why you should watch this movie, especially if you are not familiar with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or have a different opinion on it. Here are some reasons why you should give this movie a chance:

It Is a Powerful and Eye-Opening Film

Raised to be Hero is not a typical documentary that presents facts and figures in a dry and boring way. It is a film that tells a compelling and emotional story of real people who face real challenges and make real choices. It is a film that shows the human side of the conflict, the suffering and the hope, the courage and the fear, the complexity and the diversity. It is a film that will make you think, feel, and question.

It Shows a Different Perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Raised to be Hero is not a biased or propaganda film that takes sides or promotes an agenda. It is a film that offers a different perspective on the conflict, one that is often ignored or silenced by the mainstream media and the political establishment. It is a film that exposes the reality of the occupation, the injustice and the violence, the resistance and the dissent. It is a film that challenges the stereotypes and myths, the assumptions and prejudices, the hatred and fear.

It Encourages Critical Thinking and Moral Courage

Raised to be Hero is not a passive or indifferent film that leaves you unaffected or unmoved. It is a film that encourages you to think critically and independently, to question your beliefs and values, to examine your actions and responsibilities. It is a film that inspires you to act morally and courageously, to stand up for what is right and just, to speak out for what is true and humane. It is a film that invites you to join the movement for peace and justice.

How to Download Raised to be Hero Movie for Free in Hindi?

Now that you know what this movie is about and why you should watch it, you may be wondering how you can download it for free in Hindi. There are two ways to do this: the legal and safe way, and the risky and illegal way. Let's compare them:

The Legal and Safe Way: Use a Streaming Service

The best way to watch Raised to be Hero movie online for free in Hindi is to use a streaming service that offers this movie in its library. A streaming service is a platform that allows you to watch movies and shows on your device over the internet. You can access it through a website or an app, depending on your device.

The Benefits of Using a Streaming Service

There are many benefits of using a streaming service to watch Raised to be Hero movie online for free in Hindi:

  • You can watch it legally and safely, without breaking any laws or risking any viruses or malware.

  • You can watch it in high quality, without any buffering or interruptions.

  • You can watch it with subtitles or dubbing in Hindi, depending on your preference.

  • You can watch it anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

  • You can watch it along with other movies and shows that interest you, as most streaming services offer a wide variety of content.

The Best Streaming Services to Watch Raised to be Hero Movie

There are many streaming services available online, but not all of them offer Raised to be Hero movie in their library. Here are some of the best streaming services that do:

Streaming Service


Free Trial

Raised to be Hero Movie Availability


$8.99-$17.99 per month

Yes, 30 days

Yes, in Hindi with subtitles or dubbing

Amazon Prime Video

$12.99 per month or $119 per year

Yes, 30 days

Yes, in Hindi with subtitles or dubbing


$5.99-$11.99 per month

Yes, 30 days

No, only in English with subtitles


$7.99 per month or $79.99 per year


No, only in English with subtitles


$14.99 per month




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