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Ninja Vengeance in The Revenge of Shinobi Classic APK - Free Download for Android Devices

Mod V2 features:1. Ads removedThe Revenge of Shinobi Classic Mod APK is the latest version of the classic game developed by SEGA.Its unique features and gameplay have made it a popular game among players worldwide.The latest mod version of the game, 4.1.2, comes with the added benefit of having ads removed.This means that players can now enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience, without any annoying ads popping up on their screens.The game's retro-style graphics, coupled with its intense action and thrilling background score, make it a must-play for all classic gaming enthusiasts.So, download The Revenge of Shinobi Classic Mod APK 4.1.2 today, and take on the ultimate ninja challenge.

Taking place three years after the first game, the criminal organization Zeed from the original game has since reformed and have renamed themselves "Neo Zeed". They decide to have their revenge on the Oboro Ninja clan and Joe Musashi by killing his master and kidnapping Joe's bride, Naoko. Joe, having reached the clan too late, manages to learn about Neo Zeed's plot by his dying master. Joe decides to travel the world to gain his revenge on Neo Zeed as well as try to save Naoko before it is too late.

the revenge of shinobi classic apk


Just as announced, SEGA is right on schedule with rolling out a classic game from its catalogue every two weeks. After the first round of titles from SEGA Genesis and the more recent Virtua Tennis, the 16-bit games are back with The Revenge of Shinobi, one of the most iconic SEGA Genesis titles and a direct sequel to the first release in the Shinobi saga. As of today you can download and install it on your Android with no geographical restrictions of any kind.


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